What we are all about….

Luxe Lounge goes to great lengths to create a store atmosphere buzzing with energy, filled with a professional, yet casual interface with clientele. After all, it should be fun.

We offer a sumptuous array of hair care, skin care, make up & fragrance for professional make-up artists, models, & Jacksonville’s cognoscenti (for those in the know)

To that mixture, we throw in a heaping dose of ‘what’s hot’ along with an embrace of  that which is timeless and truly classic. Our first time clients sense they just happened upon a ‘best kept’ secret, but it’s OK to pass it around to friends.

Clients are loaded up with samples and loaded down with instructions and tips for maximum results.  We always aim to be a valuable source of information to all that is always ‘attitude free.’

The Founder

Kimberly Christen, already having successfully opened Washington D.C.’s first video store ‘Washington Video’ in 1982, continued opening several more locations but eventually wanted to pursue her real passion. To provide cosmetically starved women and men with ' hand picked', exclusive products not yet available anywhere else.

It all began in 1986 in Washington DC when Kimberly Christen, out of frustration with the cosmetic market, decided that in order to keep the pace with fashion centers such as L.A.,  N.Y. and Paris she would need to initiate what no one else had done in Washington D.C., let alone across the country, which was to provide customers with 'hand picked', exclusive products for the hair, skin & body, and all available in one location.

Kimberly had tired of endless buying trips elsewhere and believed that consumers were desperate for a different approach. Combining common sense, natural savvy and a notable tenacity, set about the business of cosmetics. She took on a 600 sq. foot space near Dupont Circle and turned it into one of Washington D.C.’s ‘best kept secrets’.

As sales continued to climb, she sought an opportunity to expand upon her vision. This culminated with the 1995 opening of a 2nd location in Georgetown along with a Skin Spa 'tucked in the back'. 

Both stores developed a cult following with a who’s who list of celebrity shoppers. EFX also rocketed to international recognition, with featured articles seen in Vogue, Bazaar, WWD and In Style publications.

Ms. Christen’s special skills include an uncanny ability to identify and target new markets, an intimate knowledge of her customer base, merchandising and marketing savvy, a slavish devotion to customer service, and an innovative approach to store design and product representation.

Fast forward to the year 2001. After having already retired from Washington Video,  Kimberly sold EFX to Blue Mercury in 1999. After a brief retirement of one year Kimberly continued her cosmetic crusade and entrepreneurial acumen to Florida’s First Coast with the advent of her current beauty crusade, Luxe Lounge. 

Maintaining the same high caliber of service, Ms. Christen gives a diverse and ever growing city of the Southeast something that it craves: a sumptuous assortment of Products to ‘vitalize your mind, body, and spirit.’

Upon one’s maiden visit to Luxe Lounge, a gentle calm washes over you and an experience to lapse into one’s self. As if having already been treated to sample and test any number of products found in this hip, but no means trendy cosmetic emporium.

Nestled in the affluent, yet in no way pretentious area of Jacksonville, known as San Marco, Luxe Lounge offers comprehensive information and suggestions dispensed in a way that is 100% attitude free.


With over 16 years of combined experience, Angie’s extensive repertoire includes facials/peels, massage, waxing and make-up application. 

Angie knows just the right cocktail of products and service for clients to achieve their very best. Well known and respected for her uncanny ability to do virtually “Pain Free” Brazilian Waxing. (Just ask any of her many clients!)

All of this knowledge and experience comes with a heaping dose of Mid-West charm and a friendly down to earth personality. Her passion to please everyone and her contagious laugh keeps clients coming back again and again.